San Leandro Creek
Urban Greenway

A 1.2-mile trail will be opened to East Oakland and regional residents, transforming a maintenance road into a public pathway from Deep East Oakland to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline Park. The project was initiated by the David R. Brower, Ronald V. Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies and Action with partners, Sobrante Park Resident Action Council, Higher Ground, Planting Justice, Merritt College and Madison Park Academy who are providing community design, furnishings and landscaping. The channel and access road is owned and managed by the Alameda County Flood Control District. Under TCC funding, the East Bay Regional Parks District thru a license agreement with the Alameda County Flood Control District, will provide staff for maintenance and operations, trail security, active transportation, recreation, access to open space and environmental education programming for the portion of the trail between the Shoreline and 98th Avenue.