Acts Community Development

Acts Community Development (“ACTS”) is a non-profit affiliate of Acts Full Gospel Church, a long established religious institution that has been rooted in the East Oakland community for more than 30 years. Related and ACTS developed the Acts Cyrene Apartments across the street from the 95th and International Housing, Health, & Connectivity housing site. ACTS currently owns several properties in East Oakland primed for future development.

Black Cultural Zone

Since 2014, the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative Partners has worked with a coalition of residents, government agencies, churches, and grassroots organizing and community groups to help keep Black folks in East Oakland. Through their strategy of building power, securing land, and directing more dollars to community driven projects they are working to secure a foothold in East Oakland that finally allows their neighborhoods to thrive.

East Bay Regional Parks District

The East Bay Regional Parks District is the largest regional park district in the country. It provides a diversified 125,000 acre-system of 73 regional parks, recreation areas, wildernesses, shorelines, preserves, land banks and 31 regional, inter-park trails.

The District’s parks receive over 25 million visits each year. EBRPD acquires, manages, and preserves natural and cultural resources for all to enjoy now and into the future.

EBRPD has an annual budget of $275 million with 875 full-time employees, including 60 police officers. By comparison, for this TCC project, EBRPD will employ 1.75 full-time employees and manage a $1.4M budget.


Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation

Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation has provided comprehensive afterschool programming within deep East Oakland for the past 17 years.

Within these afterschool programs HG, manages a number of programs with students in health and fitness, performance arts, visual arts, and academics.

Higher Ground manages an average annual operating budget of $900K with multiple public funding sources, including Alameda County Public Health, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, City of Oakland and Oakland Unified School District.

Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation

The Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation bridges the gap between City of Oakland’s Departments of Parks and Recreation and Public Works to improve and expand parks and recreation centers.

Each project relies on collaboration between community groups, businesses, and government. OPRF sponsors over 100 local organizations, including providing fiscal sponsorship to agencies that allows them to fundraise under a non-profit umbrella. Additionally, OPRF brings together community volunteers, organizations, public agencies, and businesses to maximize resources and create a stewardship network to provide the civic support needed to support neighborhood parks. OPRF has an average annual operating budget of $1.1 million.

Planting Justice

Since 2009, Planting Justice has built over 450 edible permaculture gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area, worked with five high-schools to develop food justice curricula and created 40 green jobs in the food justice movement for folks transitioning from prison.

Planting Justice has a $2M average annual Page 11 of 24 operating budget and has received funding from a mix of public and private sources, including the City of Oakland, Alameda County and East Bay Community Foundation.

Related Companies of California, LLC

The Related Companies of California, LLC’s (“Related”) extensive 29 years of development experience demonstrates Related’s streamlined approach and expertise in building and maintaining diverse types of affordable housing.

Related is the largest and strongest privately-held real estate company in the nation with a portfolio of $50 billion in developments. The broad platform, operating portfolio, and strong balance sheet provides a community-based approach to each development with the financial strength of a major national developer.

As housing affordability declines and homelessness conversely rises in Oakland, our mission of bringing affordable housing to communities is as crucial as ever.

Scraper bikes

The Scraper Bike Team empowers urban youth living in underserved communities through self-expression and creativity. They encourage youth entrepreneurship and promote healthy, sustainable living for all. Their stated goal is to use each work of bicycle art to impact social justice and global change. The Original Scraper Bike Team and Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation are collaborating to deliver a new after-school program supporting health, mobility and creativity in East Oakland youth

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Collaborative

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Collaborative (EB PREC) aligns the technical, financial, and organizational inputs to support communities to cooperatively organize, finance, purchase, and steward mixed-use and residential properties in the East Bay.

Most recently, through a partnership with Northern California Land Trust, EBPREC closed escrow on Coop 789, a four-unit building with majority POC residents, in June 2019. In addition to $250K raised in capital campaigns from community members, multiple foundations have invested in the EB PREC’s work, including Center for Cultural Innovation ($100K), Roddenberry Foundation ($50K), Chan Zuckerberg Initiative ($290K) and Chrysalis Fund ($40K).