Collaborative Stakeholder Committee

Collaborative Stakeholder Committee

The State of California Strategic Growth Council awarded $28.2 million dollars to fund the ‘Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors’ Initiative in East Oakland, and we want to establish a Stakeholder Committee to get resident input to make sure your voices are heard.

  • Affordable housing with ACTS Community Development and Related CA
  • After-school bike program for youth led by Higher Ground Neighborhood Development and Scraper Bike Team
  • Tree planting led by Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation
  • San Leandro Creek bike and pedestrian trail with East Bay Regional Parks District
  • Housing clinics with East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative
  • Workforce development with Cypress Mandela and West Oakland Job Resource Center
  • Community Engagement with Black Cultural Zone
  • Aquaponics farm with Planting Justice

The Stakeholder Committee members will attend a monthly meeting and provide support, recommendations and feedback on all issues related to the TCC projects. Stakeholder Committee members will voice concerns of their community and provide support to ensure the projects succeed.

As a member of the Stakeholder Committee, you will also manage a small pot of funds to support neighborhood beautification projects.

The twenty-one member committee will comprise of 9 project partners, and 12 community members. Community members should reside or operate a business or organization with an address in the project area. Every effort will be made for the community members to maintain a diverse representation of age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status/class and equally reflect the six neighborhoods in the project area:

  1. Brookfield Village/Columbia Gardens
  2.  Highland/Elmhurst
  3. Coliseum/Rudsdale/Lockwood/Havenscourt
  4. Sobrante Park
  5. Stonehurst; and
  6. Melrose.

Step 1: Complete the nomination form

Step 2: If selected, participate in the interview process

Step 3: Show up for the kick-off meeting

More Background

The Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Program is a Cap-and-Trade funded grant program from the State of California that empowers communities most impacted by pollution to choose their own goals, strategies and projects to enact transformational change by providing funding for environmental, health, and housing initiatives. The Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors initiative is funded by the TCC program. As part of the community engagement process, a Collaborative Stakeholder Committee (CSC), an informal advisory group, made up of a total of twenty-one Committee Members, will be set up and managed by the Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corporation.

Nomination Process Guide for Community Seats

  • The nomination process will be open to the public, whereby all TCC Partners and members of the public can self-nominate and/or nominate others to community seats.
  • Appointment of a nominated community member to a Collaborative Stakeholder Committee seat will be by the TCC partners.
  • Each neighborhood in the project area will be represented by up to two members
  • Seats will be filled through nominations submitted by residents, community based groups, church organizations, advocates and business owners in the project area, and reviewed by a selection committee.
  • Considerations for nomination and selection include
    • Diversity-including age, gender, ethnicity, race, disabilities, geography, economic background.
    • Demonstrate commitment to projects and neighborhoods
    • Willingness to spend time to understand what’s happening (X hours/month)
    • Evidence of ties to community, represent communities we are trying to serve (AMI)
    • Emerging community advocate and influencers

The Committee currently has twelve vacancies available. Please submit a completed nomination form to: